Many people are speculating that it would take nearly 1 trillion new trees to be planted in order to combat climate change. The question is, is that really even a possibility and are there enough resources to do so? There probably are enough resources to plant that many trees. It is easy for trees to reproduce so finding enough seeds to make mature trees would not be a big issue. However, there would have to be a tremendous amount of planning put into this proposal. Since we are aiming to restore an entire ecosystem, we would have to be very careful about where we choose to plant the trees. Some countries have had mass amounts of deforestation and planting an abundance of trees in those countries could to become more sustainable in terms of their economics and social and cultural aspects. Tree services in Milledgeville GA would need to be taken to a whole new level.

One of the big questions is, how does this translate to people who live in deforested areas? In most areas of the United States, we are not facing deforestation at rates anywhere near those of the rain forest, however there has still been mild deforestation throughout the Midwest United States that has spanned hundreds of years. We are still losing trees at alarming rates to make way for new housing developments, parks, and retail strips. If we are able to add more diversity into the mix of our existing foliage, this will increase the health of our existing species and it will help them to withstand invasive pest species and diseases that may plague the area. There are over 20 million people living in the Midwest of the United States. If every one of these people planted just ONE tree, can you imagine the benefit that would have on our population? It is important to note again that the intent here is not to just pant trees within any and every available space, it is important to create a planting strategy that will aid in making existing tree communities stronger and most stable as well.  Enhancing these existing areas is vital to the process of producing and growing more trees. Using a diverse mix of tree species will half ensure that these tree populations grow to be resilient against pests, disease, and the changing climates.

So how exactly can you help? There are many organizations working with landowners, farmers, landscapers, and active communities across the United States to plant native species along rivers an streams. There is also a push to increase the amount of trees within livestock production and farming practices as well as on degraded and eroded soils and in parks, By panting trees that are larger than seedlings and by having a maintenance plan in place, we can ensure that each of our trees have the best change at reaching maturity which will allow them to help our environment even better. There has to be funding available at every level to accomplish this goal. By working together, we can all do our part to help the planet and the environment by making sure trees are planted.